The Restaurant


Come to Tarantola for lunch or dinner.


Restaurant Sicily Try something different. Tarantola's rustic restaurant is set in the middle of vineyards and olive trees in the delightful wine country of western Sicily near Alcamo. This is an actively functioning estate which produces several wines.

It's the real Sicily, as natural and genuine as can be.

We're open most of the year. Contact us for reservations.

Our menu reflects the natural cuisine of western Sicily and varies

according to the season.

With the exception of some meats, everything we serve

is produced locally. Here's a sampling of what you can expect:

flavoured ricotta cakes
dried stuffed tomatoes
stuffed herring fillets,
fried battered broccoli and artichoke stalks
Alcamo-style sfincione pizza
mini-frittatas of wild asparagus
caponata olive-aubergine-caper salad
cheese platter
First Courses:
pasta alla norma (swordfish and eggplant sauce)
pasta with Trapani-style pesto
pasta with saussage and green cauliflower
pasta with zucchini and fresh mint
Main Courses:
saussages of pork
lamb cutlets
beef fillet
seasonal selection
watermelon gelatine
ricotta cheese cake
almond parfait
lemon creme pudding
Local liqueurs: lemon (limoncello), mint, basil.
Wines: from our own winery.Also, several vegetarian dishes are proposed.
We look forward to seeing you!

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